Former Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission: Sichuan BTC has the largest mining scale in the country, and can take the opportunity to study the relationship between blockchain and digital currency.

On October 27, at the Sichuan High-Quality Development Decision Consulting (Beijing) symposium, Jiang Yang, former vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, brought a set of data: 70% of the world's bitcoin is produced in China, and India, which ranks second, only accounts for 4%, the United States only accounts for 1%. Sichuan is rich in hydropower resources and is the largest bitcoin mining site in the country. Blockchain involves all walks of life, and its application in the financial sector is mainly digital currency represented by bitcoin. Jiang Yang suggested that Sichuan should make good use of the basis of Bitcoin mining, study the relationship between blockchain, digital currency, and hydropower resources, and explore new industrial growth points.