Graphic Live | Baqian Vice President Ma Qianli: As early as 2016, the blockchain was written into the National Information Construction 13th Five-Year Plan

Today, Babbitt Vice President Ma Qianli said in a live broadcast that he not only saw it in a circle of friends, but also learned that Zuckerberg was consistently rendering the Chinese threat theory when he defended his Libra in the House of Representatives on the 24th. In fact, this is impossible, although on the surface two things happened on the same day on October 24. It is possible that at the beginning of the year, the blockchain has been put on the agenda of learning. This is also why, when we see the end of the study of the theoretical center group, the general secretary will be able to publish a relatively long and insightful guiding speech. As early as three years ago, in 2016, the blockchain was written into the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Informatization Construction. This is the approval and recognition of the senior officials of the State Council.
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