Graphic Live | Baqian Vice President Ma Qianli: Blockchain originality innovation is not much

Today, Ba Qian, vice president of Babbitt, said in a live broadcast that the general secretary said that China has a good foundation in the field of blockchain. First of all, in the application of blockchain, many places have already applied blockchain. Second, the number of patents related to China's blockchain basically reflects China's speed. However, it is also necessary to pour some cold water here. The first is that there are not many original innovations. Regardless of the first-generation blockchain system represented by Bitcoin or the second-generation blockchain system represented by Ethereum, the original architecture has taken the lead in Western countries. What we are good at is the second innovation based on this architecture. The second one is also very important. The blockchain is the least patent-oriented. The spirit of the blockchain is open source and the bottom layer is the agreement.
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