Research: US cryptocurrency holders grow 81% annually

Although the United States is far from the country with the most cryptocurrency, the United States is the most populous country with cryptocurrencies. Most notably, according to a study commissioned by Finder, the number of Americans with encrypted assets is increasing.


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US cryptocurrency owners have grown 81% since 2018

Many countries are beginning to recognize the importance of Bitcoin and its blockchain technology. The United States may not necessarily be one of them. However, the number of Americans holding cryptocurrencies is increasing. According to a recently released Pureprofile survey commissioned by the Finder,

“Last year, the number of Americans with cryptocurrencies almost doubled, from 7.95% in 2018 to 14.4% in 2019, an increase of 81% in one year.”

As a result, approximately 36.5 million Americans have some form of encryption asset.

The survey also showed that Americans with crypto assets had an average of $5,447 in cryptocurrency. However, the median cryptocurrency in the American wallet is only $360.

In addition, Bitcoin is not the only asset that attracts the interest of US cryptocurrency investors. According to the survey data, 55.4% of Bitcoin owners have invested in other types of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is in the early stages of adoption

Although the adoption of Bitcoin is still far from universal, it has been widely concerned by investors and members of the encryption community.

Bitcoin is still in the early stages of adoption. Michael B. Casey, chief bitcoin architect at General Motors, said Bitcoin is rapidly following the typical technology adoption curve. In particular, Casey wrote,

The increase in bitcoin adoption rate and the resulting increase in bitcoin prices follow the S-curve of technology adoption rates, characterized by fractal repetition and Gartner hype cycles exponentially.


Therefore, at this stage, most Americans have not invested in encrypted assets.

In addition, in this regard, a study published by Nobl Insurance LLC on August 22, 2019 shows that millions of Americans will consider investing in cryptocurrencies in the next 12 months. According to the Nobl press release,

"Research shows that about 25 million Americans are considering buying cryptocurrencies in the next 12 months. 37% of cryptocurrency holders have more than $5,000 in assets, and 8% hold more than $50,000 in cryptocurrencies."