Everbright Securities: Blockchain is expected to drive market sentiment to pick up

On October 28th, Everbright Securities (601788.SH) pointed out that the blockchain is expected to drive market sentiment to pick up. Judging from the growth expectations implied by the current valuation, the market valuation is relatively reasonable, and the valuation will be able to form an effective support for the market. Therefore, it is still recommended to wait patiently. In terms of structure, the technology stocks continued to be added, the communications and electronics-related industries continued to improve, and the three quarterly reports improved significantly. At the same time, pharmaceuticals and home appliances with high performance standards were standardized to maintain the automobile industry configuration with signs of bottoming out. Focus on infrastructure in the cycle. The blockchain has been raised to a new level of important breakthroughs in core technology independent innovation, and relevant subject investments can be actively concerned.