Tencent launched "to catch the demon together" and the Netease blockchain was lost.

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In August 2017, NetEase ranked fifth in the “Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies” published by the Information Center of the Internet Society of China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, followed by BATJ.

Unlike the head of BATJ, Netease founder Ding Lei is a person who loves life, enjoys it and is very interesting. You see his photos on the Internet, most of them are smiling.

The culture of a company is the culture of the founder. Under the leadership of Ding Lei, NetEase has won a place in the To C field of games, e-commerce and music for more than 20 years. He knows how to make users "happy".

But when the battlefield was transferred to the blockchain, Netease's performance was no longer eye-catching, and even a little weak.

Here I use the word "Netease" in the blockchain, which does not contain any exaggerated elements. We can look at Netease's performance on the blockchain in the past two years.

At the end of March this year, the first batch of blockchain information service names and filing numbers were published in the network office, involving a total of 197, involving 164 companies.

Tencent got two record numbers, namely Tencent blockchain and Tencent Cloud TBaas blockchain service platform; Baidu got three, namely Baidu blockchain engine BBE, super chain, totem; Ali ant jinfu I got one, the ant blockchain BaaS platform; Jingdong got three, namely the Jingdong blockchain BaaS platform, the Jingdong blockchain anti-counterfeiting trace, and the Jingdong cloud blockchain data service.

Netease? I got 0.

Of course, the record number alone is not enough to explain Netease's strength in the blockchain.


Next, let's take a look at the blockchain products launched by NetEase.

In January 2018, NetEase followed the trend of Renren.com's "CryptoKitties" and launched the Lucky Cat. Under the influence of supervision, the funds were retired and the project was aborted.

In February 2018, NetEase Planet went online. Officials said that Netease Planet is a blockchain eco-value sharing platform based on Ethereum's alliance chain and PBFT consensus algorithm. It is a 2.0 ecosystem with blockchain technology as the driver, data generation value as the core, five data systems as the basic scenario, and blockchain innovation and development.

The above paragraph is too official, not easy to understand, the author simply explained. In the past, users used to leave data when using APP or electronic products. The company will use this data to sell money, and NetEase Planet can fully protect user data by using blockchain. When users generate behaviors such as shopping and playing games, they will also get Netease Planet Black Diamond. Black Diamond can be traded at Planet Base. , grab the goods.

At the beginning of the line, the user's expectations for this product are very high, but when it was found that the black diamonds obtained in a few months of hard work could not be replaced by a pot and pan, they slowly began to give up. There is no core value, just a profit, and it is destined to be scattered.

In essence, Netease Planet is actually a tool for the diversion of Netease products. Similar to Starcraft Home, Hash Manor, and Cosmos, there is no product feature, and it is slightly low-end, full of various advertisements.

Perhaps in order to get rid of the suspicion of diversion, in addition to its two e-commerce platforms, Netease Planet has set Taobao as a shopping portal. Not only did it not add to the icing on the cake, but it also lowered the product style.

In June 2018, NetEase went online and went to the blockchain information reading app "Easy Headline", which was closed shortly after the internal test.

In September 2018, NetEase game "Reverse Water Cold" was launched on the line "Fuxi Tongbao", Fuxi Tongbao is a prop based on blockchain technology. Players can get "Fuxi Tongbao" through "mining" in the game, which can be circulated across servers. According to legend, based on Fuxi Tongbao, NetEase will introduce blockchain technology in "Ghost Story" and "Meteor Butterfly Sword".

In essence, Netease launched the "Fuxi Tongbao", not the blockchain game that you want to do. The most direct purpose is to use the heat of the blockchain game to save the game players from being over-burned and experienced. The game "Reverse Water Cold".

The game is the core business of Netease . In Netease's 2018 Q4 financial report, the net income of online game services was 11.20 billion yuan (US$1,603 million), compared with the overall net income of 19.844 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 55%. Netease once gave high hopes for "Reverse Water Cold", hoping that it can become a phenomenal game.

However, from the current situation, the player does not buy the "Fuxi Tongbao" at all.

In the same month, NetEase launched the blockchain technology service platform NBaaS.

In November 2018, Netease tested a blockchain social product, Netease Circle. The official introduction said that it is a real-name social platform based on the relationship of pan-acquaintances, creating a social circle for young people.

You can understand it as an acquaintance Weibo. Through multi-dimensional intelligent recommendation, you will see the circle (state) of people of the same type or people of the same age. And you can earn money by investing in articles. It is reported that Wang Yi circle just measured two or three days, the user will break through 10,000.

I also registered an account this afternoon. According to the system, I am the 311394th user. If this data is true, it means that the NetEase circle has more than 3 million users.

On March 7, Netease Circle announced that due to the adjustment of strategic planning and operational strategy, it will close the withdrawal entrance at 0:00 on March 14, 2019. I don't know if this move will affect the growth rate of Netease users.


If it is just a demonstration that the NetEase blockchain is not warm, this article has no value. Next, the author takes you to analyze why Netease, which occupied the second echelon on the Internet, was dropped on the blockchain.

The author does not sell off here, and simply and clearly talk about it.

First of all, it is related to the internal environment in which NetEase is now located. NetEase has been in a period of layoffs and turmoil around the year ago. This is a well-known thing, and internal employees must be aware of it earlier than those outside us.

Layoffs are the most likely to be unsettled, and of course it is the easiest to motivate employees to make a difference. What is the first criterion for measuring performance? Quantity.

The speed and quantity of blockchain products launched from Netease are definitely ahead of other companies in the industry, and the UI and name of each product are very beautiful. But looking at the product design in detail, in fact, did not use too much thought, and some projects are purely follow-up, not like the work that is pushed to the user, it seems to be a masterpiece for the leadership.

Perhaps an employee who is worried that he may be laid off by the company is unsettled and pursues the design of the ultimate product. For him, the most important thing is to make himself look efficient and diligent to keep the current position. .

This is not the fault of the staff, it is the mistake of the company.

The second reason is that Netease itself started late on the blockchain. Tencent began to lay out blockchains in 2015. Foxconn also began to lay out blockchains in 2016, and NetEase did not have any information on the blockchain. Netease did not have the early layout, which was related to the company's strategy. Netease had always focused on games, e-commerce and farming.

The third point is the lack of strategic thinking. Even if everyone seems to be doing the same thing, if the goals are different, the results will definitely be different.

Most of the blockchain projects that Netease is doing now are to help other products develop. To put it bluntly, it is drainage. In doing so, it does not really face the value of the blockchain, too narrow. NetEase has not really thought about the value of the blockchain.

Does that mean that Netease has no chance in the blockchain? Nor is it.

Netease has the talent advantage, the globalized pattern, and a company that pays great attention to quality. It must have the opportunity to create a block-like blockchain product.

Netease circle is one of the hopes.

Just find your own direction first, and you can't continue to sneak in the sea.