The data shows that the index in the bitcoin chain has rebounded in the past week, and the activity on Friday is the highest value of nearly 30 days.

According to Tokenview data, the index on the bitcoin chain rebounded last week (2019.10.21-10.27), and the number of active addresses increased significantly, and the computing power increased slightly. The number of daily active addresses on the 7th was 695817, up 29.2% from the previous month; the number of new addresses was 359307, up 4.02% from the previous month; the number of transactions per day on the 7th was 317852, down 1.45% from the previous month. For 96.86EH/s, the chain increased by 2%. Among them, the number of new Bitcoin and active addresses increased significantly on Friday, October 26, reaching a new high in the past month.