2019 Hurun 80 after the start of the list of richest people, Wu Jihan, Xu Mingxing, etc. were selected

The Hurun Research Institute today released the "2019 Hurun 80 After the White-Handed Rich List", 156 80-year-old entrepreneurs wealth more than 2 billion yuan, 24 more than last year. The proportion of starting from scratch was 35%, compared with 38% last year. Among them, the bite mainland co-founder Wu Jiehan is worth 17 billion yuan, ranking 7th. OKCoin founder Xu Xing is worth 10 billion yuan, ranking 11th. Li Lin founder Li Lin is worth 7.5 billion yuan, ranking 15th. In addition, Jia Nan and Zhi Zhi are on the list, Liu Xiangfu and Zhang Nan are both worth 3.9 billion yuan, ranking 27th; Li Jiaxuan is 3.8 billion yuan, ranking 29th. Ge Yue, a shareholder of Bit China, has a net worth of 3.5 billion yuan, ranking 32nd.