The blockchain has completely detonated the Chinese stock market and the currency market. How long can the magic continue?

After the blockchain technology officially rose to the national strategy, the entire blockchain market ushered in a long-lost madness. At 9:30 on the morning of the 28th, about 90 blockchain concept stocks collectively rose in the first time.


The madness of the stock market has already been confirmed in the weekend.

The fiery concept of the blockchain has not only driven the huge A-share market, but also re-ignited the bull market in the blockchain's primary asset market.

At 18:30 on October 25th, the average price of Bitcoin was still around $7,500. By 9:00 on the 26th, it had already exceeded the $10,000 mark, and individual exchanges touched around $10,300. It is enough to rank into the top 10 of the single-day gain of Bitcoin history, which is the only time in recent years.


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Is Bitcoin crazy? Of course, crazy, but this is not the most crazy, blockchain technology war is not only about the alliance chain, but also the public chain.

For a time, “domestic” has become the most critical hype tag. Many domestic leading public chain projects have been capitalized at the same time, such as NEO, ONT, QTUM, BTM, VET, etc., all of which have experienced more than 50%. The skyrocketing, and among them, BTM (beyond the original chain) became the most dazzling one, which surged from a minimum of 0.37 yuan on the 25th to a maximum of 1.7 yuan on the morning of 28th, an increase of 459%. Although BTM has fallen back to around 1.1 yuan as of press time, this madness is enough to make anyone excited.

Reminder: The state strongly supports the alliance chain and industrial blockchain without currency. The hype is not recognized, and investors need to be rational.

The crazy performance of the blockchain bull market in history

The recent market performance is of course crazy, but in fact, compared with the historical madness, it seems to be slightly less.

In the second half of 2013, Bitcoin experienced the climax of the second round of big bull market in history. In just half a year, bitcoin prices rose from a minimum of more than 70 US dollars to a maximum of nearly 1100 US dollars, an increase of more than 1500%, the big bull market that time. It started with CCTV science bitcoin.

In the second half of 2017, Bitcoin experienced the climax of the third round of big bull market in history. In just half a year, bitcoin prices rose from a minimum of 1900 US dollars to a maximum of nearly 20,000 US dollars, an increase of more than 1000%, the big bull market, It is from the hot of ICO in the country.

At the end of October 2019, the skyrocketing of Bitcoin began with the sudden realization of the importance of the concept of blockchain by more people. This sudden outburst made the 4Chan prediction, which was originally convicted as a "god stick", a suspense again.


Or, is this just the last madness before the introduction of stricter regulatory policies?