The policy is of great benefit to boost the price of the currency, but the funds outside the market are still being observed.

The OKEx platform BTC price index rose 18.9% last week (as of 24:00 on October 27, Hong Kong time), the biggest weekly gain since mid-June; the weekly amplitude also reached 39.34%, the largest since mid-November 2018. value. Last week, Bitcoin opened at $8200, but it fell sharply on Wednesday night, with a minimum of around $7300. The uptrend was launched after the announcement of a major positive policy on Friday night, with 10% increase in bitcoin on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, it was a short break to see the $10,000 mark.
In the big data of OKEx contract, the ratio of “BTC long and short positions” first fell and then rose in the rapid rise of the currency price on Friday, and fell back after reaching a high of 1.9 on Saturday, mainly showing that after the big rise, the retail investors followed the open. The trend of "BTC's quarterly contract premium" has been changed from a negative premium before Friday to a positive premium of around $150, indicating that the market is extremely optimistic. However, it is worth noting that the USDT price of RMB over-the-counter transactions did not show a high positive premium in the bitcoin surge, indicating that the atmosphere of OTC funds is still relatively heavy. At present, the over-the-counter price of USDT RMB is a positive premium of around 0.7%.