Bitcoin cash is being questioned, unknown miners control over 50% of computing power for 24 hours

According to Cointelegraph, on October 26, an unknown bitcoin cash miner controlled more than 50% of the token's hash rate (used to calculate the computing power of the blockchain network) for up to 24 hours.


The miner seems to have drilled 73 blocks from 10 am on October 24 to 10 am on October 25. In response, Twitter user Notgrubles responded, which is why "BCH is a negative risk of security risks", he also requested that the cryptocurrency be removed from the exchange.

As one Reddit user said, by controlling the BCH hash rate of 50%, unknown miners are not far from controlling the entire network and doing "evil things."

Reddit user Bitmeister is most interesting about this. He said Bitcoin miners are likely to test their otherwise useless bitcoin computing power by pointing to Bitcoin cash.

BTC hash rate lightning plummeted

At the end of September, Bitcoin’s network hash rate dropped by a record 40%. The reason is still unexplained and therefore more compelling. However, just a few days ago, the bitcoin hash rate reached a historic milestone, a record more than 102 trillion.

The higher the power, the more intense the competition between miners to verify the new block. At the same time, it also increases the resources needed to implement 51% of attacks, making the network more secure.

Bitcoin cash prices rose

Yesterday, bitcoin cash and bitcoin prices suddenly rose, and the token market also entered a general stage. As of press time, BCH has risen by more than 15% within 24 hours.