Cardano "Shelley" stage will start Staking incentives in November

According to CryptoSlate, Cardano (ADA) plans to launch the Shelley incentive test network in November. This is the third phase of the Shelley Test Network program that will support the Staking feature. Cardano Senior Product Manager Dynal Patel said joining the incentive test network will give all ADA holders a true ADA reward. He explained that the introduction of the Shelley Incentive Test Network was to ensure the smooth operation of Ouroboros. It is reported that Ouroboros is a high-level proof of interest (PoS) protocol that Cardano is currently studying. Because of its complexity, it requires a "stable and strong foundation." This is the first choice of IOHK (Cardano's development company) to implement it in the incentive test network. the reason.