Founder Adhara turned from Morgan Chase Quorum project to Hyperledger's public chain project Besu

According to CoinDesk, blockchain startup Adhara is currently moving from Jorge Chase's blockchain project Quorum to Hyperledger's public chain project Besu. Prior to this, Adhara co-founder Peter Munnings was also a member of the Consensys team, which had tested Quorum with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In this regard, Munnings explained that Besu has a very strict enterprise-level support agreement and is easy to access. In contrast, the Quorum team is very concerned about JP Morgan's projects, so we did not get the same response from them. Quorum's popularity has surprised JP Morgan Chase, and there are often rumors that JP Morgan Chase is splitting the Quorum platform. On project support issues, sources close to JPMorgan's Quorum engineering team said Adhara's decision to seek more help from Hyperledger was "reasonable." It also stated that there is a “significant separation” between the Quorum engineering team and the use case team responsible for managing JPM Coin and IIN. Faisal Khan, head of strategy and business development at Besa's team, said that many people have established pilots with Quorum, but they are also testing Besu so that they can be compared. Besu's biggest selling point is its compatibility with Ethereum.