Lianxun Securities: Blockchain is expected to lead the counter-attack of technology sector

According to the First Financial Report, Lianxun Securities believes that the blockchain is expected to lead the counter-attack of the technology sector. The main line of technology is expected to return to the strongest sound, leading the market to continue counterattack. Financial reforms such as the introduction of the science and technology board and the release of new regulations will enrich the financing channels of technology companies, and emerging industry policies such as 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence are expected to continue to advance. Under the release of the top-level major signals, the new technology cycle will gradually rise. It is recommended to pay attention to the A-share market blockchain, digital currency, 5G, Internet of Things and other related concept stocks. Bohai Securities said that in terms of configuration, this week, we entered the final stage of the release of the third quarterly report, and we still need performance-level lightning protection in the short term. In terms of subject matter, the future will accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. It is expected that A-share related stocks will usher in a short-term speculation process, and the capital characteristics will be more dominant at this stage. In the medium term, there is no further market hotspot in the technology sector after 5G. The arrival of the blockchain policy will become another key to the overall expected rise of the technology sector. It is recommended that investors continue to pay attention to its development.