Blockchain concept stocks soared 160 billion a day, over 20 listed companies "confessed" blockchain

According to the brokerage China report, on October 28th, the “blockchain market” that swept the weekend finally ushered in actual combat. In the early session, over 200 stocks were in the aggregate bidding stage, with blockchain concept stocks as the mainstay. At the close, a total of 112 blockchain concept stocks rose daily. Among them, the digital currency concept has a total of 24 stocks and 23 daily limit, which is no less than the “Xiong’an” concept stock. The market value of blockchain concept stocks soared by 160 billion a day. At the dawn of the wind, many companies choose to embrace the wind or hot spots. According to the statistics of the reporters, as of now, there are more than 20 listed companies, and they have indicated the relationship with the blockchain on the interactive platform. Some companies even said that they have obtained a number of patents related to the blockchain, landed on orders, and established subsidiaries. . Which companies have real power and which companies are hot, need investors to seriously identify. At the same time, US stocks pre-market data showed that the Chinese stocks that surged 108% last Friday, the stock market continued to rise sharply. As of the brokerage China's press release, the Thunder rose more than 28%.