Twitter users: 21 BCH blocks are excavated within 1 hour of a single address

According to AMBCrypto, the Twitter user ZeroNoncense analyzed and found that there is an address (qqq9v3hhl0vga8w5cts6dx5aa8xep2v2ssvppp5xcn) suspected to control the BCH blockchain. At block height 606283 to block height 606304 (within 1 hour), 21 blocks have been dug out at this address, and theoretically there should be only six (BCH mining is designed to have one block every ten minutes). As of press time, the address has not received any rewards since it received the last 12.5 BCHs 24 hours ago. However, ZeroNoncense highlights the risks that may exist in the current situation and urges users not to advance BCH transactions until the problem is resolved.
On October 25th, Twitter user @Notgrubles said that an unknown BCH miner apparently controlled the calculation of 50% of the token within 24 hours. The miner seems to be from 10 am to October 25 morning on October 24 Excavate more than 70 blocks at 10 o'clock. Reddit user Bitmeister said Bitcoin miners are likely to test their otherwise useless BTC computing power by switching to BCH. In this regard, Liu Chang, Ph.D. in Economics at Peking University and founder of Zhimi University, explained that the recent BCH unknown computing power mainly comes from the currency printing, and will not launch attacks to harm the interests of miners.