Bytom and BUGX release vulnerabilities bounty program with a bonus of up to 10,000 BTM

Recently, Bytom and BUGX released a security vulnerability and threat intelligence bounty program, mainly around the original chain virtual machine (BVM), protocol layer, consensus layer, serialization, network layer, local wallet, private key management, web wallet 8 security Carry out business in related fields. This bounty setting is based on the severity of the vulnerability and the real impact of the vulnerability, up to 10,000 BTM. Compared with the original chain as the public chain dedicated to the construction of the underlying platform of the blockchain, we welcome the security testing of white hats from all over the world and give each white hole that submits the vulnerability with the corresponding BTM reward. We are willing to work together to build better. Blockchain technology platform. More details and more than the original source of the main source can be found at: