World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen second batch of surrounding activities exposed, want to give a ticket to see here!

On November 8-9, the second blockchain conference·Wuzhen is coming!

Last week, we announced the six major exciting activities outside the main agenda of the conference. They are the strongest meal in the blockchain industry – Babbitt BKEX night, blockchain game sailing – Cocos-BCX game special 80 million new users are coming in – TOP Network main network starts, purple whirlwind in Wuwu never sleeps – BigONE & Mixin high-end mystery cocktail, Wuzhen crab does not you can not – ostrich block chain Wuzhen crab feast.

Today, we will announce the second batch of activities, and there will be a cheat ticket at the end of the article!


First stop: Jia Nan Zhi Zhi X Babbitt night, the key to unlock the password world

On the evening of November 7, Jia Nan Zhizhi, the aircraft carrier of the Chinese mining machine industry, will hold a high-end exchange reception at Wuzhen Xizha Pillow Water Resort.

Going to Jianan’s night, you will see the most mysterious and proud miners, and the bitcoin mining machine that makes money without printing the money machine. You will find that this is the top of the industry food chain, and it is also the earliest “landing” sunrise industry in the blockchain. If you want to revel in the world of encryption, it’s right to go here.

Second stop, ZBT blockchain game forum, let change and innovation happen

On the afternoon of November 8, the blockchain game community platform ZBT (Zhabit), which is in the limelight, will bring a unique game forum with the theme of “change and innovation”.

Whether you are a bronze or a king, you must know what the game in the blockchain world looks like. It’s right to be here. Electric Soul Network, C5GAME, DFG Crypto, Origin Capital, Huobi Labs, these well-known corporate leaders will come to the site, they will reveal the future direction of the "game + blockchain". You will find that as the most eye-catching pearl in the crown of blockchain technology, the blockchain game is about to enter life.

The third stop: become the Wuzhen Conference Koi, ChainNode Park will hit heavy

ChainNode Garden Club should be the most energy-intensive activity of the entire summit!

According to the conference's co-organizer ChainNode (chain node), on November 8-9, any guest can receive the “chain-made” philatelic passport book at the summit venue. With it, you can go to each brand booth to stamp and stamp, maybe you Also ask questions related to the blockchain.

After some experience, the number of stamps has the opportunity to exchange for 4 levels of surrounding gifts. Don't worry about punching too hard. The chain node also has the participation award and the Koi Award. You can participate in the lucky draw as long as you get your passport. The only Koi in the audience will receive a gift from all the sponsors.

For example, there are brand products brought by chain mall, ImKey, Bitt, small whale library, coin printing, etc., as well as brands brought by Coinex, Bytom, Bepal, stacking2, okex, hashkey, coin, Xinminghua, etc. Small gifts around, but biki, NEO, chainup, conflux and even some digital currency.

The fourth stop: Wuzhen does not sleep, High turns the whole field, the coin hits the creation night!

At 19 o'clock on the evening of November 8, if you did not arrive at Wuzhen Tanjia·Qixiang Natural Humanities Village (Lounge), you will be sure that the circle of friends in Wuzhen for 48 hours is so monotonous.

Beep said that Genesis Night will bring the world's blockchain conference to the coolest party in Wuzhen! Swimming pool, Live Band, fine wine, indecent resident band, live prizes (uninterrupted airdrops), warm-hearted service from unfair staff… In short, it will be very high.

Fifth stop: POW mining, and see the new forces of News Mining

Do you buy coins or dig coins? Digging bitcoin or digging other coins? At 14 o'clock on the afternoon of the 9th, Wuming Zhaoming Shushe Mingyi Hall will usher in a theme activity entitled New Mining Forces, which is the Wuzhen Station of POW POWER-China.

The event co-organizers are not small, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi, computing power interconnection, whale exchange, computer technology, fire coins mining pool, etc., the co-organizer is 哔哔News, Xiao turtle said. If you want to know about mining, it is not wrong to go here.

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The sixth stop: short video contest is not convinced to fight, free tickets waiting for you to come

How to get to Wuzhen? Can win tickets!

During the period of October 19-31, Babbitt and the chain node jointly launched the Weibo short video contest. You can post a short video on the topic of "I am playing Call for the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference" on Weibo, and attach the topic #World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen#, which is a successful competition.

At that time, the organizer will select the champion from the video heat and other dimensions. The first prize will be awarded to the Wuzhen Conference Double (including meals) package, and there is also a signature book of Changchun! More details can be clicked (video contest )

In addition, at 3 pm on November 1, the live broadcast room of the chain node will conduct a live broadcast of the Wuzhen Conference, pay attention to a live account (ID: 126922114) to watch the live broadcast. At that time, the organizer will also send some tickets for the conference.

Written at the end

In 2019, the blockchain year-end feast, most of the people in the blockchain world have come, you can't come?

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