Node campaign is just a form, the future effect is the kernel | 8 Q

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2018.05, VNT Chain is born in Hangzhou, the “chain of silicon” in China

2018.05.25-VNT BOX 1.0 Heavy online

2018.06.30-VNT Chain won the 2018 annual public chain award

2018.07- VNT Chain officially established strategic partnership with blockchain infrastructure research at Zhejiang University Incas Laboratory and National University of Singapore NeXT Laboratory

2018.09.19-VNT Chain official website 2.0 new startup

2018.10.25-VNT Chain and Yunxiang release cloud box blockchain development service platform

2019.01- VNT Chain is listed in the "Top Ten Technology List of the 2018 (Global) Blockchain Pioneer List" jointly released by the CCID Research Institute and Mutual Chain Pulse

2019.01.11 – VNT Chain "DUST" version of the test network officially announced

2019.04.17-VNT Chain opens the Witt Chain Global Development Competition

2019.04.18-VNT Chain test network "Planet" version online

2019.07.01-VNT Chain main network pre-boot

2019.08.05-VNT Chain officially reached cooperation with IENET Chain (global distributed artificial intelligence group network), the world's first artificial intelligence-based certification project

2019.08.06-release VNT Chain node model

2019.08.20- officially open the VNT Chain super node campaign

At this point, VNT Chain has crossed one miles after another and entered the era of node ecological governance.

I asked VNT Chain, two co-founders, Huang Butian and Zhou Feng.

What is the meaning and purpose of the super node campaign?

Can the super node really achieve decentralization?

Will the node competition be like a lot of blockchain hot words?

How is the VNT Chain late ecological management plan?

Why is Dr. Huang in Zhou Feng’s eyes a "good-hearted mother-in-law"?

All the answers are in the video.

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