Senior Researcher of Tencent Research Institute: Science and Technology, etc. Three Reasons to Adjust Blockchain as National Strategic Technology

Xu Siyan, a senior researcher at Tencent Research Institute, published the article "Why does the blockchain rise to national strategic technology? ", the article said that the reason why the blockchain is set to national strategic technology is for three reasons: First, technology-oriented. At present, major countries in the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. In the development of blockchain technology, China is grabbing the runway. Under the background of Sino-US trade frictions, Chinese companies are increasingly emphasizing the control of “hard technology”. From the perspective of government policy guidance, enterprises are also encouraged to carry out independent innovation of blockchain core technologies. In the speech, "the most advanced", "the commanding heights" and "new advantages", the three words undoubtedly indicate that China's goal in the field of blockchain competition is certain and unique: it is to compete for the first. Second, industry orientation. The speech pointed out that blockchain technology should serve the real economy. In a total of 1,000 words of speech, five fusions were mentioned. The key to blockchain technology is "fusion." Blockchain technology must solve specific problems in a certain field, which requires blockchain technology to penetrate into specific scenarios. Blockchain technology is not a point application in industrial applications, but more is a fusion application. In the words of the general secretary, it is “opening up the innovation chain, the application chain. The value chain”. Third, people's livelihood orientation. Blockchain technology cannot be tampered with, and multi-participation is an important tool for improving social governance. The blockchain has natural advantages in the fields of people's livelihood and public services. The future application value in education, employment, pension, precision poverty alleviation, medical health, commodity anti-counterfeiting, food safety, public welfare and social assistance will gradually emerge.