Johannesburg refuses to pay a bitcoin ransom and believes it will be able to restore the system to full functionality

On October 24th, the official website of Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, was hacked. The hacker group asked for four renminbi to pay the ransom. The hacker threatened that if the ransom was not paid, all hijacked data would be uploaded to the Internet by October 28. According to the city's Twitter account, government officials were forced to shut down multiple systems to prevent hackers from further accessing and damaging sensitive data. Although the critical system was not brought back online, and after confirming that it had a significant impact on the ability to provide services to the city, officials refused to accept the hacker's request and said they believed they would be able to restore the system to full functionality. According to a statement issued by the city, 80% of the affected systems should recover in the short term at the current recovery rate.