Analysis: The futures market has a long-term spillover of 11.05%, and the over-the-counter operation has increased in the evening.

The BFX.NU research team said that the long-term spillover of the futures market was about 11.05%. Compared with the daytime, many investors have carried out more emptying operations, mainly focusing on public-chain projects, or with daytime market conditions. The market overbought risk caused by excessive rise. In the mainstream currency futures sector, 13 categories of ONT, BTM, DASH, ALGO and other short-term Masukura are obvious, while LTC, XLM, ATOM and other 6 contracts are showing lightening trend; platform currency futures sector, BNB, HT contract short-term lightening is obvious The OKB contract is displayed as a short-term Masukura status, and the overall long-short distribution is balanced.