Securities Times front page comment: The central bank's digital currency needs to eliminate multiple obstacles

On October 29th, the front page of the Securities Times published "The central bank's digital currency needs to eliminate multiple obstacles". The article said, what is the appeal of the central bank's digital currency? Reduce transaction costs? I think that all the "coins" can be realized by technology, although it is not necessarily true. Break through the boundaries of the border and let the renminbi unimpeded in the world? Is it in Bitcoin mode or Libra mode? What is its relationship with the traditional RMB? If it is said to replace M0 as reported, what is its advantage over ordinary electronic money? Is centralization or decentralization used for verification and settlement, and what is the value of innovation if centralized? What needs to be clear is that technological innovation has the possibility of promoting institutional innovation, but monetary system innovation has never been technology-led, but economic-led. Technological progress has been constant in the history of mankind for thousands of years, but the currency revolution has only happened once, that is, credit currency has replaced physical currency. The constant changes in the carrier and form have not changed its essence. In order to achieve the central bank's digital currency, the first priority is to clarify the appeal. All the above questions must be clearly answered, and the contradictory goals in structural design must also be eliminated. If the central bank's digital currency concept can be announced as soon as possible, it will not only help to improve the opinions, but also help to promote and apply it when it is actually available.