Suzhou Industrial Park Court concluded a bitcoin mining machine dispute: the mining machine has property attributes and determines that the sales contract is legal and valid.

On the 28th, the Suzhou Industrial Park Court concluded a dispute over a bitcoin mining machine. In April last year, Changmou bought a bitcoin mining machine from Chen, paying a total of 440,000 yuan. Chen ordered 220 bitcoin mining machines from the owner, Gong, and paid the price. According to the agreement, Gong will be shipped directly to Changmou. However, due to the fact that there were still other debts between Chen and Gong, Gong had refused to ship the goods due to the previous debt. Changmou took Gong as the defendant and Chen as the third person to file a lawsuit with the court and asked Gong to refund the purchase price. The court of the park held that, unlike Bitcoin itself, the target bitcoin mining machine involved in the sale and purchase transaction is used to calculate the machine equipment that generates bitcoin, which itself has property attributes, and the current laws and regulations in China do not prohibit the sale and purchase of bitcoin. The mining machine is therefore considered to be legal and valid. However, because there is no sales contract relationship between Chang and Gong, the court rejected Chang’s lawsuit.