The high volatility period ends and the market enters the cooling phase

Author: talk on gold coins

Sure enough, after the mainstream currency pulled a wave of rest, the currencies of some public chain projects rose wildly, and some of them nearly doubled. This is mainly because the previous volume has shrunk too much, and there will be a slight increase in capital care. The plunge, the current round of the leading faucet BTC has a volatility trend, it is expected that there will be some small currencies to play next, but I suggest that the slightly larger funds should not be involved, it may not come out. At present, we are still very conservative in terms of operation. Recently, I have seen an article about a well-known big V. It is simply ridiculous. I don’t have any slag left in the tens of times of leverage. It’s really disgusting, in order to please readers. Everything is written out, we still keep the strength, refuse all the leverage, how big the rice is under the pot.


Affected by the news of the People's Daily, BTC began to fluctuate. The continuous pull-up is very large for capital consumption. It is acceptable to have a certain rest here. At present, the target is still above the downward pressure level. Whether it succeeded in stabilizing the downward pressure line, it still needs to be observed for a few more days. Yesterday's trading volume has obviously shrunk, indicating that the high volatility period has passed. Now the market has reached the intensive trading area in the previous period. This time, it did not use the news to directly stand up. In this interval, it will be difficult to break through later. Next, we will continue to look for support and observe whether the support around $8,800 is effective. From my personal point of view, I think the impact of this incident will only affect the short-term. The rebound rhythm will not affect the long-term decline trend of the target. Individuals tend to try the high point of $10,350 again in the short term. If they do not, the bottom will be opened again.


The trend of ETH is much weaker than that of BTC. This is also the appearance of the recent period. This shows that the funds in the market are in a group, and it is weak and strong. Even if it is good for stimulating funds, it is also a choice. The line did not break through, indicating that the market's recognition of the target is far less than the BTC, so even if you want to play, you have to follow the faucet. The individual still looks at the target is relatively empty, personally think that the breakdown before the breakdown of 143.3 US dollars The point is only a matter of time. The target is less likely to take the independent market. The probability is to follow the market. Even if the target wants to go independent, it needs to be oscillating in this place to repair the moving average indicator. I personally think that the target will not only not The rebound will also hit a new low.

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