What do you feel after entering the blockchain?

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Bitcoin has been in existence for more than a decade. No matter which year you came into contact with it or you learned about the blockchain industry, you should have some feelings and understandings.

Today, let's talk about some personal feelings after entering the market.


The industry is still in the early stages, and investment is becoming more rational.

From July 2017 to the present, there has been no significant progress in the industry, and there are few projects on the ground, let alone the project to create cash flow or have the ability to self-hematopoietic. In the industry, there are hot spots, such as 1C0, bitcoin forks, main online lines, trading mining, spinach DApp, Staking , platform coins, etc., funds follow the hotspots.

In the first half of this year, BTC and mainstream platform coins performed well. The trading platform is able to find a few industries that generate cash flow in addition to mining. The funds focus on such projects, indicating that the once-hot scenes have returned to calm, and investment has gradually tended to reason.


Short investment cycle and large fluctuations

“One day in the circle, one year in the world”, 24 hours a day trading, catching up with the stock trading hours of the week. In the circle of encrypted asset investment, the cycle is short and the fluctuation range is large, which naturally causes a speculative atmosphere.


Common contract transaction errors worth circumventing

Futures contracts are very professional financial derivatives. As a novice, it is easy to make the following mistakes:

1, Stud or heavy warehouse

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. They are heavily involved in contract transactions, pinning the success or failure of the transaction in one opportunity, and leaving no room for themselves. This is very dangerous.

2, high leverage

Leverage is to enlarge the income at the same time, it will also enlarge the risk in the same proportion; coupled with the volatility of the crypto assets itself, the amplification effect is more significant, and the high leveraged transactions often lose the principal in the short-term disorderly fluctuations.

3, against the momentum of billing, or loss in the case of jiacang

In the upswing phase, the guess should fall, so the open position in the upswing is the contrarian bill. Similarly, in the case of a loss, continue to increase the position, the loss has already explained that this single transaction is wrong, the loss of the position is wrong and wrong.

4, the value of each transaction varies

Trading profit is easy to bring people the illusion of invincible, can not help but increase the position of a single transaction, but this time the transaction has no connection with the previous transaction, even if the two transactions have the same ratio of profit and loss, but because of the increase in position losses, In the end, it is still a loss.

5, frequent billing transactions or lack of stop loss plan

For each transaction, you must pay the handling fee. If you open the order too often, you will easily fall into the predicament of wearing the principal and working for the “trading platform”. The significance of the stop-loss plan is to stop the error or loss. If there is no stop-loss plan for the bill, it will easily lead to the bill, and the bill will help the burst .



Contract trading correct posture

Contract trading requires a lot of knowledge, and there is a set of rigorous methodological guidance behind it. Under the premise of mastering the concept of analysis, position and risk control, it is important to find a position-based bill with a profit-loss ratio advantage and set the stop-loss stop-loss position.

In addition, the trading mentality also needs to be experienced, establish a probabilistic and objective understanding, and timely transaction summary and reflection, to correct their trading habits.

In the blockchain industry for so many years, what experience do you have to tell everyone? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area.


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