Nervos announced that it will launch the CKB main network on November 16th

It is reported that the code base of Nervos CKB has been frozen on October 19, and the planned design goals have been fully realized. It is expected that the first main network of CKB will be released on November 16, 2019, named Lina. The main network is launched in a fully decentralized, community-driven process. The Nervos Foundation will provide an open source Genesis Block Generator on November 9th, and every member of the community can be in a verifiable way. Generate a unique Genesis block and use this as a basis to launch nodes to form a decentralized common knowledge base network. Rylai, the Nervos CKB test network, went live on May 18 and has been tested for more than 200 days in a real network environment. During the period, its code was rigorously reviewed by two independent security audit teams and the Bug Bounty program has been launched.