Jianan Zhizhi wants to go public, Keda shares and 瀚叶 shares daily limit

On October 28th, local time, Jianan Zhizhi, the world's second largest mining machine manufacturer, submitted an IPO prospectus to the US SEC. According to media reports, after the opening of A-shares today, the stock price of Jianan Zhizhi affiliated companies was different: Yuye shares (600226) temporarily reported 4.13 yuan, and the intraday increase was 10.13%; Keda shares (600986) temporarily reported 6.16 yuan, intraday gains 10%; Gaosheng Holdings (000971) temporarily reported 1.91 yuan, an increase of 1.59% during the day; Futong Xinmao (000836), temporarily reported 4.39 yuan, an intraday increase of 0.46%;; Tech-Long (002209) temporarily reported 6.68 yuan, a day-to-day decline of 1.47 %.