Guangzhou Huangpu District Blockchain Policy 2.0 Implementation Rules are officially issued

On October 28th, Guangzhou Huangpu District Industrial and Information Technology Bureau and Guangzhou Development Zone Economic and Information Technology Bureau officially issued the “Detailed Implementation Rules for Several Measures for Accelerating Blockchain Industry in Guangzhou Development Zone in Huangpu District, Guangzhou”. The rules include: 1. Encourage the establishment of a blockchain industrial fund of 1 billion yuan; 2. Highlight the original innovation of the blockchain, and select two enterprises or institutions that carry out blockchain public chain and alliance chain construction projects each year, and take afterwards Subsidy method; 3. Deepening the application of blockchain integration; 4. Creating the value network of Dawan District; 5. Building the Dawan District Exchange Center; 6. Building the leading industrial park of blockchain industry; 7. Internalization and Expo Talent; 8. Support the holding of blockchain expo; 9. Create a blockchain vitality zone.