ChainNode Live Room: The contract market will add another fierce battle, and He will interpret the currency security China strategy.

The currency security in 2019 seems to be gradually changing the "aphasia" situation in the domestic market. At the beginning of the year, the company’s Launchpad plan led a wave of bull markets; BNB’s gains were fierce, and by mid-October, this year’s gains were still more than three times; in April, the currency’s DEX was officially launched; in September, the acquisition of digital currency derivatives Trading platform JEX, open double contract horse racing; October, officially launched OTC service…. Will the exchange's traffic battle be focused on the contract track? What is the meaning behind the movement of the coin security? At 2 o'clock this afternoon, the host of the live broadcast room of JuneNode, Jun Yao, and the coin "one sister" He, talked about the "contract" of the "contract", and listened to a sister to interpret the "three-body" coin security How to break into the domestic market? Can you continue to move forward while complying with compliance? What kind of answers will you make in the face of serious questions? Hurry to the crowd, live link: