China Automation Society Blockchain Committee will co-organize the World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen

Babbitt on October 29th news, China Automation Society (CAA) blockchain special committee decided to participate in the co-organizer of the world blockchain conference · Wuzhen.
The China Automation Society is an integral part of the China Science and Technology Association and an important social force for the development of China's automation technology. In 1961, it was formally established by Qian Xuesen, Shen Shangxian, and Zhong Shimo. The Blockchain Special Committee is one of its more than 50 professional committees. Taking the major needs of national economic development and industry application as the starting point, it conducts research on a series of issues related to economics, technology and application involved in blockchain, and is committed to promoting interdisciplinary fields involved in blockchains such as automation, computer and economic management. The cooperation and exchanges of scholars will consolidate and enhance the academic influence of China's automatic chemical industry on blockchain technology, and then lead the academic direction of the international blockchain field.
The second world blockchain conference hosted by Babbitt·Wuzhen will be held on November 8-9. Due to the influence of policy, the current registration is hot. The theme of this summit is “Application Unbounded”, which will play an active role in promoting the application of blockchain technology. BATJ Huawei and other giants, blockchain industry head companies and over 100 heavyweight guests will gather in Wuzhen. To discuss the development of the industry.
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