Kunming issued a digital economy policy, with a maximum subsidy of 10 million yuan to carry out demonstration applications of blockchain and other scenarios.

According to the official website, on October 28, the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued "Several Policies to Support the Development of the Digital Economy (Trial)" (draft for comments). The document pointed out that supporting enterprises around the construction of smart cities, future communities, subways, high-speed rail and other major projects, the demonstration of typical applications such as blockchain, Internet of Things, autonomous driving, health care, smart city, ultra-high-definition video applications. Give play to the guiding role of the government procurement policy, directly purchase the products that meet the requirements, and purchase them through competitive negotiation and competitive negotiation, and focus on supporting the application of major innovative products in the digital economy. Implementing demonstration projects for the digital industry with new technologies, new products, new formats, and new models for the local industry, and granting a maximum of 10 million yuan according to 20% of the investment.