April 18th market analysis: IEO's continued will make more small coins into zero

OK announced this afternoon that it will start selling its second IEO project in the near future. Yes, yes, the second project will be launched soon after the first project has not finished playing. I think that there is no essential difference between the currency and the 2017 gameplay. In the end, I will once again create a lot of small coins for this market to see today's market!

Market analysis:

BTC: 4 hours Bollinger Band, the price of the currency is above the middle rail, indicating that the current market is still a bullish market. The amount can be slightly increased from yesterday, but it is not enough to break through 5300-5400. A pressure zone. With the start of the second project of OK, a part of the market funds will be diverted by it, which will be more unfavorable to the upward trend.

Looking at the daily Bollinger line, the middle track moved up to 4942, giving the overall price of the coin a strong support, so paying attention to the position of the line will be the rebound point of our waterfall once the market appears.

Looking at the daily average, the 5-day moving average has reached the 5151 position with the passage of time, and moved to 5132 on the 10th line, forming a weak support zone.

In summary, the shock is the main, the more difficult the currency price is upward, the lack of energy is still a short board. It is still recommended that once the price of the currency is close to the position near 5300-5400, the position can be appropriately reduced. The current weak support is at 5151, strong support at 4942, below 5200 to start lightening! You can pick up near the 4942-5000.

ETH: Today, like Ripple, it has been supplemented, but the amount has not continued to increase, and the market is dominated by Bitcoin. At present, the support level is 167, the pressure level is 180, and the support level can continue to hold the currency.

EOS: The trend is still relatively strong in the mainstream currency, and the trend is still upward. It is recommended to continue to hold the currency above 5.4. Support level is 5.16, pressure level is 5.6. It is recommended to continue to hold the currency in 5.4 or above, and break below the lightening position, and stabilize near 5.16.

XRP: The reassuring Ripple has finally moved today, but the amount of energy is still normal, the probability of independent market is not big, and it continues to fluctuate. It is still recommended to hold the currency! The current support level is 0.32 and the pressure level is 0.35.

BCH: Today, a website has been sent out to petition BCH and BSV. One person does not agree with this practice! If so, it is estimated that even the BTC will be removed, because it also forks a lot of coins. It is not surprising that the small profit is short. At present, the support level is 296, the pressure level is 330, and the support level continues to hold the currency, which falls below the lightening position.

LTC: 4 small is the level of the trend has been converging triangle shape, and will soon change, from the current trend, the probability is greater. It is recommended to hold the currency above 78.86, and break below the lightening position, with a pressure of 82.

HT: I was driven by NEW today, but I can see that the trend is still very weak. The rallies are mainly reduced, the current support level is 2.2, and the pressure is 2.5.

OKB: The next trend will be similar to the HT trend before the second item of the fire coin. It is probably the first to go up and then fall back before the project starts! The current support level is 1.63 and the pressure level is 1.8.

Article source: WeChat public number: a talk currency