ICBC took the lead in testing the digital currency wallet service. When will other banks follow up?

Author: king

Source: Planet Daily

"The ICBC action is really fast, and all of them are digital currency wallets." Today, the major WeChat groups began to discuss the news that ICBC launched digital currency wallets.

On October 29th, a screenshot of the ICBC wallet "ICBC Digital Money Wallet" flowed out. The screenshot shows that ICBC Digital Money Wallet is the carrier of legal digital currency and is a payment instrument relying on the legal digital currency circulation system.

The agreement shows that the wallet is divided into four categories from the real name. Party A may open a digital currency wallet through a non-counter channel or a partner counter channel through valid personal identification documents for digital currency receipt and payment and related business.

In this regard, the media conducted a verification to the ICBC official. ICBC replied that the ICBC digital currency wallet is currently only tested in Beijing, Guangzhou and other regions, and has not been opened yet. The reporter of the Odaily Planet Daily also called the ICBC business personnel on this news. The other party said that they had not received instructions from the superiors and had not seen the business online.

Since last Friday (October 25), Xinhua News Agency released the news that “blockchain is an important breakthrough for independent innovation in core technologies”, major companies have announced that they have a relationship with the blockchain, claiming that the blockchain has already been laid out. business.

The banking industry closest to the source scenario of the blockchain (digital currency) will naturally not fall behind. However, the development route of the “coin circle” is “from the bottom up”. The traditional financial industry supervision system is perfect, and it will naturally be “top to bottom”.

Yesterday, Huang Qifan, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said in his speech at the "2019 First Bund Financial Summit" that the People's Bank of China has been studying the central bank's digital currency (DCEP) for five or six years and has matured. The People's Bank of China is likely to be the first central bank in the world to introduce digital currency. (Note: Huang Qifan's full text link: )

It is understood that the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) is a new encrypted electronic money system based on blockchain technology. DCEP will adopt a two-tier operating system, that is, the People's Bank will first convert DCEP to banks or other financial institutions, which will then be redeemed to the public.

Earlier, at the first press conference of the press center to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the People's Bank of China Governor Yi Gang also said that "the central bank's digital currency will replace part of the cash."

We believe that behind the “quick response” of ICBC, which has always been lagging behind, has a long discussion, planning and design cycle.

In addition to ICBC, the Information Technology Department of CITIC Bank Beijing Branch issued the “Notice on the Video Training of Blockchain Technology Application by the Head Office”. The training time is this morning, which aims to help the branches understand the technology and application of CITIC Bank blockchain. It is foreseeable that major commercial banks will welcome a lot of blockchain technology and central bank digital currency training and product updates in the near future.