ICBC's enterprise-level blockchain technology platform has more than 60 application scenarios and submitted 41 patents.

On October 29, the reporter learned from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China that ICBC relied on the advantages of financial technology to release an enterprise-level blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights in 2018, with high-performance technical architecture and financial-grade privacy protection scheme. , national and international acceleration technology combined with software and hardware, and easy to expand cross-chain mutual access capabilities. At present, the platform has achieved more than 60 core technological breakthroughs, submitted 41 patents, in the construction of enterprise-level financial security system, dynamic expansion and expansion of node resources, and configuration of consensus nodes and billing node hot standby intelligent switching, blockchain platform cluster resources. Achieve breakthroughs in monitoring, one-click networking of multiple blockchain products, and concurrent processing capabilities based on Byzantine consensus blockchain. It is used in more than 60 scenarios including fund collection, fund clearing, fund disbursement, and bank-enterprise interconnection. Leading the way in the financial industry to launch safe and reliable blockchain services.