Deputy Chief Strategy Officer of Baixin Bank: It is expected that certification standards and rules for popular technologies such as blockchain will soon be introduced.

It was learned from the official website of the State Administration of Markets that the General Administration of Market Supervision and the Central Bank released the "Financial Technology Product Certification Catalogue (First Batch)" and "Financial Technology Product Certification Rules" announcement on October 25, and announced the first 11 models. The basic certification model for products and financial technology product certifications that have been included in the list of financial technology product certifications. Chen Longqiang, deputy chief strategy officer of Baixin Bank, analyzed in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that China's financial technology innovation has expanded from the payment field to financial infrastructure and cutting-edge technology applications. The "Certification Catalogue" and "Certification Rules" issued this time are a comprehensive standard, which will further improve the safety and compliance, and reserve sufficient innovation and development space for licensed financial institutions. In the near future, the filing guidelines should be issued soon. It is expected that the certification standards and rules for popular technologies such as blockchain and API will be introduced soon. It is worth mentioning that the association's institutions have also begun to carry out relevant training for financial technology certification. On September 28th, the China Banking Association held the first opening ceremony of the CFT certification training. The certification content covers the application scenarios and solutions of major financial technology ABCDI (artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, Internet) in banking financial institutions.