Beijing adopts blockchain technology for the first time to implement one-click filing

On October 28, in a network infringement dispute case, the plaintiff clicked the “unfulfilled completion” button of the Beijing Internet Court’s electronic litigation service platform to make the case enter the execution system. . This case is also the first implementation of the block-chain smart contract technology in the national court system to implement the “one-click filing”. According to reports, the traditional implementation of the case includes: confirm whether to perform on time, check the application execution deadline, apply for execution, fill in, upload the information of the party, execute the application, the basis for execution and other information materials. In the blockchain smart contract embedded mediation book case, the party only needs to click the “not fulfilled” button, then skip the follow-up complicated procedure and directly complete the execution of the case. The background will automatically generate the uncompleted report through the blockchain smart contract technology. , execute the application, grab the information of the party, grasp the execution basis, automatically execute the case, generate the execution notice, report the property order, etc.