Tencent Yujian: Sality virus infects 30,000 computers, and steals 3.965 bitcoins and 2.94 etheric coins

The Tencent Security Vision Threat Intelligence Center monitored the activity of the Sality-infected virus, which simultaneously spread the "cutting board thief" Trojan to steal digital cryptocurrency. Under the background of the country's vigorous development of blockchain-related industries, the trading of various digital cryptocurrencies has been unprecedentedly active, and various digital cryptocurrencies led by bitcoin have soared. The Sality virus also took the opportunity to use its own P2P network to spread the clipboard thief for the purpose of stealing and hijacking virtual currency, which would pose a serious threat to the security of the virtual currency transaction. The Sality virus attack affects more than 30,000 computers. According to the monitoring data, the stolen digital cryptocurrency Trojan downloaded by Sality is replaced every month. We extracted 28 bit wallets and 1 Ethereum wallet from these samples. Inquiring about the income of the wallet, the Trojan has stolen a total of 3.965 bitcoin and 2.94 Ethereum. These digital assets are equivalent to RMB 270,000 at the current market price.