Babbitt officially launched the "Industrial Blockchain Channel"

On October 29th, Babbitt officially launched the "Industrial Blockchain Channel". The Industrial Blockchain Channel is a comprehensive service platform integrating reporting, training, consulting services, providing solutions and docking development resources. It can help the demand side to complete the “blockchain+” with one button, with policy topics and offline training. Subchannels such as the Babit Accelerator. details as follows:

Policy Topic: The channel brings together the blockchain industry policies issued by governments across the country to provide policy support for policy makers and blockchain practitioners.

Offline training: relying on Babbitt Academy to provide knowledge and skills training for blockchain technology developers and enthusiasts through on-the-job lectures, industry high-end forums, and corporate research visits to promote the development and innovation of blockchains in China. .

Babbitt Accelerator: Link industry and blockchain technology providers to provide blockchain architecture consulting, project execution risk assessment and blockchain technology solutions and investment and financing services. Accelerate the convergence of blockchain technology and the integration of the digital economy, help enterprises to reform their technology and promote industrial upgrading.