Large-scale property: blockchain technology optimizes supply chain finance

According to the Securities Times, the property Zhongda (600704.SH) released the third quarterly report of 2019 today. The third quarterly report pointed out that blockchain technology plays an important role in the big business model of property. The property has two major support platforms: the intelligent supply chain logistics system and the characteristic supply chain financial system. In the characteristic supply chain financial system, the large-scale use of blockchain technology in the property industry has successfully explored the “credit coin” mechanism in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Specifically, member companies such as Metals and Metals will integrate the accounts receivable platform with the blockchain technology as the core into the supply chain integration service, and activate the payment of the originally settled accounts receivable by combining upstream and downstream customers and financial institutions. With the financing property, the cooperation and the closeness and viscosity of the upstream and downstream customers have been greatly enhanced, and the efficiency of capital use has been improved.