The first blockchain technology application business alliance settled in Wuhan

According to Xinhua News, the country's first blockchain technology application business alliance has recently settled in Wuhan. On the 27th, Hubei Volunteer University Volunteer Time Bank, which is a model of education and integration and innovation, supported the establishment of “blockchain technology” in the Hanyang Qintai Tianxia Peace Art Museum with representatives of 30 chambers of commerce representing more than 5,000 SMEs in Wuhan. Application of the Association Chamber of Commerce. Zhu Jianbin, secretary-general of the blockchain application association and president of Hubei Slow Home, introduced that attracting college students to participate in public welfare and mutual assistance is a shortcut to solve the shortage of human resources. Only the transparent public account book, which is never worn out by blockchain technology, can realize the mutual help of the world and get out of the community's “small fights”. At present, Wuhan has become a highland for the promotion and application of blockchain technology. All the blockchain technology R&D and application companies can join in to share the membership bonus of market expansion and transaction acceleration.