Researcher Mo Kaiwei: China should pay attention to Libra, face the trend of digital currency era and its development prospects

Mo Kaiwei, a researcher at the China Local Finance Research Institute, said that there are indications that it is sooner or later for the US monetary regulator to release Libra. Especially when the Chinese government attaches importance to the development and promotion of blockchain technology, the US government is likely to Secretly speeding up Libra's release. Once Libra is available, its expansion speed and its ability to occupy the financial market will be very strong. Through Libra, the United States may grasp the new hegemony of the world currency innovation system and make the US dollar's international monopoly position stronger. In this regard, China should pay enough attention to Libra to face the trend of the digital currency era and its development prospects. Encourage the participation of experienced platforms and enterprises, provide them with an appropriate policy environment, provide effective innovation support for the internationalization of the RMB, ensure China's dominance in this digital currency war, and maintain the first-mover advantage of the digital economy. The real economy provides more effective monetary support.