Market speculation cooling blockchain concept stocks enter the "elimination"

According to the Securities Times, the blockchain concept has been on the rise on Monday, with more than 100 daily limit, and the blockchain concept entered the “elimination race” on Tuesday, with more than 100 shares falling. The concept index opened higher and lower, closing down 1.96% to close at the lowest point of the day. On the disk, only 23 concept stocks such as Tianguang Zhongmao, Cultural Great Wall, Xinhu Zhongbao, Hailian Jinhui, etc., have a daily limit, Changshan Beiming and Lushang Development 2 stocks have fallen, and Guangyi Technology has a 1 cent limit. Kelan Software opened up 7.18% to close 8.21%, with a full-day amplitude of 15.39%. Only one-third of the entire blockchain concept sector is red, and two-thirds of the stocks are down. Many brokers such as China Construction Investment Bank and Hengtai Securities have hinted at the risk of blockchain speculation, indicating that the blockchain is still in the early stage of industrial development, and the application is not mature. It is reflected in the investment of A-share listed companies, which means that the relevant substantive investment content is less. With a focus on conceptual themes, investors need to be alert to the risks of speculation.