Media: The direct cause of the "coup" in Bittland is that the Jank Group is implementing the second annual organizational restructuring

According to Tencent’s expectations, the direct cause of this “coup” is the second annual organizational restructuring of the Jank Group, which directly caused a large number of old employees who have followed the Bit China’s entrepreneurship for many years, and the internal public anger is extremely high. The staff commented that "Old Zhan’s head was squeezed by the door" and "Old Zhan was crazy." Superimposed on the Jank group's unusual diligence and self-reliance, and at the same time has an absolute control of the management of the way, the insiders are heart-rending, began to call Wu Jiuhan back to the overall situation. Wu Jihan’s raids were obtained by Liu Luyao, the CFO who joined China’s IPO from China’s IPO last year, and his newly appointed veteran HRBP Suo Chao, a shareholder and a new supervisor, Ge Yuejun. And general support from employees. At the shareholder level, apart from Kai-fu Lee's innovation workshop, he firmly stood on the side of the Jank group, and the rest had begun to shake apart, even though these shareholders did not receive any notice before the incident.