Annoqi: The company has invested in the establishment of a blockchain company

According to Interactive News, Annoqi (SZ300067) responded to investors on the interactive platform. On October 28, 2019, the company signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement with Hangzhou Caishang Data Technology Co., Ltd., and the two parties intend to jointly establish Shanghai. Still color chain data technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "still color chain"). The registered capital of the color chain is RMB 10 million. The company invests 6 million yuan in cash, with a shareholding ratio of 60%. Hangzhou Lottery invests 4 million yuan in cash, with a 40% shareholding. The company invested in the project, based on the needs of the large digital layout, the "IP digital blockchain" developed and operated by the "block color chain" cloud platform, serving the brand protection and product empowerment in the digital printing industry chain, better The blockchain technology has been better applied in the development and promotion of derivatives such as digital development brand IP, artist copyright and cultural innovation copyright, making the transaction process more transparent and copyright protection more powerful. Construct a digital printing industry ecosystem that allows IP resources, consumers, producers, service providers, and propagators to achieve a win-win situation and multiply with the real economy.