OKEx Investment Research: After two and a half months, BTC has stood above the 60-day cost line for three consecutive days.

According to OKEx's quarterly contract data, the closing price (8:00 am Hong Kong time this morning), BTC prices have been standing above the 60-day moving average for four consecutive days, which is the first time since August 14. OKEx analyst Charles believes that the 60-day moving average has important guiding significance for the mid- and long-term trend of the market for most of the time, and is favored by many investors who rely on technical analysis. The technical analysis team usually stabilizes an important moving average for three consecutive days as an effective breakthrough. This means that the phenomenon of stabilizing the 60-day moving average is likely to bring more bullish funds to the market, and therefore believes that the current round of rising prices will continue. However, due to the large amount of quilt funds in the vicinity of 11,000, it is difficult for the currency price to rise sharply in a short period of time. Bitcoin quarter contract day resistance is $9,750 and support is $9,200.