"Ripple cancels OTC sales" is suspected to be misinterpreted, the official has not announced

Twitter account XRP Research Center today said: "Ripple will no longer support the OTC model of token trading, that is, institutional buyers want to buy XRP also need to buy XRP in the secondary market." The account also lists a Examples of suspected such transactions (large transactions from Bittrex to UPbit). Upon inquiry, the transaction is actually likely to be a normal return of funds between the two parties after the partnership between Bittrex and UPbit broke down on September 25. Currently, Ripple has not announced that it will cancel OTC sales, and in the last quarterly report released in the middle of this month, Ripple officially mentioned that OTC sales will be concentrated on several strategic partners, which are important in Ripple. Strategically significant areas (including Europe, the Middle East and Africa) build XRP utility and liquidity. At present, there are many netizens who have raised their doubts under the tweet.