China Construction started the company's first blockchain invoice, intended to be embedded in the industry blockchain

According to the Securities Times, on the afternoon of October 29, China Construction (002822.SZ) and Shenzhen Taxation Bureau issued the company's first blockchain invoice. Fang Yushu, the person in charge of the block building chain, said that the blockchain technology has the characteristics of complete process traceability and non-tamperable information. It is highly consistent with the logic and requirements of invoices, and can effectively avoid false invoices and improve the invoice supervision process. The blockchain invoice will connect each invoice stakeholders to facilitate the traceability of the source, authenticity and reimbursement of the invoice, and effectively solve the problems of “one-vote over-report, false-reporting, false and false” in the process of invoice circulation. Effectively reduce taxpayer operating costs and tax risks. He said that the company will further explore with the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau how to embed the entire supply chain invoice application in the blockchain.