MetaMask supports 3Box backup wallet data, Ethereum account data can be synced to any Web3 application

According to the chain news, MetaMask announced a new feature of the online decentralized identity management service 3Box backup wallet data, allowing MetaMask users to securely store wallet data including account information, settings and contact lists in 3Box, so Free access to Ethereum account data in any Web3 application outside of the browser. In the browser extension v7.3.0 version, the user only needs to click the setting to switch to "3Box Sync" in the advanced option to enable the backup function. 3Box's backup feature removes browser local storage restrictions and supports the synchronization of Ethereum account data to any Web3 application, allowing users to now experience an automatic seamless data synchronization experience across multiple MetaMask extensions, including Chrome and Firefox. Data synchronization for MetaMask Mobile Wallet is also supported in the future. In addition, the MetaMask web3 plug-in system MetaMask Snaps uses 3Box as the initial identity and user data plug-in, allowing MetaMask to integrate directly with the 3Box IdentityWallet SDK to expose the 3ID data protocol to application developers integrating MetaMask.