Respond to the call! Zeng Hao, founder of Ant Node Alliance, led the European encryption journey

On the afternoon of October 24th, Beijing time, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective study on the status quo and trends of blockchain technology development. When the news came out, it triggered a strong shock in the blockchain industry in China and the world. Bitcoin prices responded first, and surged 30% in 24 hours. On Monday, the blockchain concept stocks opened at the daily limit. In just a few days, the country has set off a boom in blockchain learning. The term “blockchain” has become a hot search term for major search engines and social platforms such as Baidu and Weibo.

The spring breeze of this policy is like a block of spring, which is of epoch-making significance. As a young entrepreneur who has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years, Zeng Hao, the founder of the Ant Node Alliance, shared the central government’s proposal to strengthen the blockchain blockchain technology in building a network power and developing the digital economy. To help the economic and social development and other aspects play a greater role, and so on.

At the same time, in response to the policy call, Zeng Hao led the founding team of the Ant Node Alliance to launch a two-week "German-Swiss-Malta-Rome" exchange tour.


Zeng Hao (Chairman of Ant Capital International Capital, Founder of Ant Node Alliance, Entrepreneurship Tutor of Xiamen University, Vice Chairman of Blockchain Industry Alliance of China High-Tech Association)

On October 29th, the first stop of the study tour, the founding team of Zeng Hao and the Ant Node Alliance attended the 2019 Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference, which was hosted by the Bretton Woods System Committee and the Hamburg Institute for International Economics, the China National Currency Group and Crypto. Co-organized by Capital Strategy, strategic support for the meta-double-stranded DNA and Ant Node Alliance. The Chinese delegation was led by Zeng Hao and the vice president of the China National Currency Group, Aurora, and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty, Xia Xihu. At the same time, guests attending the dialogue included former Bank of Thailand Governor, Georgia Prime Minister, IMF Vice President Zhang Tao, Facebook CEO and other domestic and foreign politicians, economists and entrepreneurs.

At the dialogue meeting, Zeng Hao and his delegation listened to the dialogue between the IMF Vice President Zhang Tao and the former Bank of Thailand Governor Bandid and the head of the Sberbank CIB research Lisovolik on the global economic imbalance and solutions. And the former Romanian Prime Minister Petre Roman, the Georgian Prime Minister George Kvirikashvili, the former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, the Malaysian Institute of Strategic and International Studies Rastam Mohd Isa and the Vice President of the School of International Studies of Renmin University of China Professor Tong Dongsheng on “The emergence of economic and technological iron curtains” Can multilateralism continue?" Thematic dialogue.


Photo: Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference


Photo: Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference

After the dialogue, Zeng Hao, founder of the Ant Node Alliance, had an informal exchange with Zhang Tao, Vice President of the International Monetary Fund IMF. During the conversation, Zeng Hao and Zhang Tao talked about the topic of “blockchain technology and the impact of digital currency on the global future economy”. Zhang Tao said that the blockchain is not limited to digital currency, and there is still much room for development in the future of blockchain technology. It will be applied to many areas such as national economy, construction, and medical care. It also pointed out that DCEP launched by the People's Bank of China is more efficient and safer than third-party payment. Zeng Hao also said that DCEP will become the world's first digital currency endorsed by the state, and China's digital asset payment system will also lead the world.


Photo: Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference, Zhang Tao and Zeng Hao exchange scene


Photo: Zhang Tao, Vice President of the International Monetary Fund IMF, Aurora, Vice President of ZB, Gao Dingxin, Chief Representative of the People's Bank of Frankfurt, Representative of the Yuanjie DNA, Xia Xiahu, Founder of the Ant Node Alliance Zeng Hao

After the first day of the Hamburg Intercontinental Dialogue Conference, Zeng Hao said in an interview with foreign journalists: "Today's participation in the Intercontinental Dialogue in Hamburg, the biggest insight is that international attention to the blockchain is increasing, China's international politics and economy. With a high status, the world is also paying close attention to China's mobile payment and digital economy development. As a Chinese blockchain entrepreneurial youth, we are fortunate to exchange ideas with experts in the international frontiers in the fields of economy, finance and politics. I feel that I have benefited a lot."


Photo: Zeng Hao exchanges with Marc Uzan, executive director and founder of the New Bretton Woods System Committee

The central technical support for the blockchain has undoubtedly given a strong shot to the blockchain entrepreneurs. Zeng Hao pointed out that the interpretation of the state support blockchain technology development signal needs to be more rational, not limited to numbers. In the financial sector, the blockchain is equated with the digital currency. Blockchain technology will be a revolutionary subversion in the whole society and in the future world. Blockchain technology will be applied to various fields such as government affairs, people's livelihood, energy, entity, finance, etc., combining big data and artificial intelligence. The development and integration of Internet of Things and 5G network technology, changing the current social form and production relationship, and establishing a new social credit system with blockchain technology as the core. At the same time, he stressed that the development of blockchain technology is still at an early stage, and it is necessary to prepare for a long battle.

Zeng Hao is an outstanding blockchain young entrepreneur in Xiamen. He is also employed as the entrepreneurial tutor of Xiamen University and the vice chairman of the blockchain industry alliance of the China High-level Association. Over the years, while developing blockchain community construction and industry services, Zeng Hao has been committed to embracing industry regulation and actively exploring a development path for blockchain enterprises suitable for China. In September this year, the Xiamen Blockchain Association initiated by Zeng Hao to organize dozens of head blockchain enterprises in Xiamen received formal approval from relevant departments. While developing the local blockchain business, Zeng Hao has been actively integrating the resources of the head enterprises in various sub-sectors of the national blockchain, and has led the leaders of relevant institutions such as political studies and research, and strived to open up the popularization of China's blockchain and education. .


Photo: Zeng Hao and Wu Jiezhuang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political


Photo: Zeng Hao and former US White House Innovation Consultant Yu Fulin


Photo: Zeng Hao was appointed as the vice chairman of the China High-tech Blockchain Industry Alliance


Photo: Zeng Hao's speech at the first session of the world's blockchain technology results forum


Photo: Zeng Hao received an exclusive interview with Guangdong TV Station at the 6th Macau Multi-Family Summit in 2019

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